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General Information for Writers



Path Publishing has published more than thirty books since its conception in 1993. We specialize in general non-fiction, poetry, self-help, Christian, and biographies. Not to say that we will never go outside these parameters, but your safest queries are within these. We never thought we would publish a book on weight loss, but it has become one of our best books; so the self-help category is rather broad. Yet everything we publish must be uplifting, and hopefully entertaining.


We generally publish smaller books, 80 to 160 pages. 


We prefer fast, efficient queries by email. But snail mail is OK; just send along an SASE in any correspondence. The basic structure is this:


"Submission” in the subject line.


A cover letter of about one page, with this basic structure: introductory paragraph about the book or project (where you may want to put the title of the work), a paragraph about your marketing research for the work and how it compares to the competition (not important in poetry or plays, but very important in nonfiction) or additional pertinent information, a paragraph about you and any publications garnered, a paragraph concerning anything else you want to say (Path accepts simultaneous submissions if under ten publishers, so you don’t have to mention that.), and the closing where you give your contact data (or in a letterhead).


A synopsis of the work. If poetry, are the poems organized by an overall theme? Not all books can be summarized, while others can be generalized in one or two sentences.


A sample from the work, like three poems or the first chapter of the book; first page of the book in a snail mail submission. For a play, send the first page, a middle scene or couple of pages, and the end of the play. For snail mail submissions, skip the middle scene.


A table of contents can also be included if it is only one or two pages long.


Path’s response time is usually within days, not weeks or months. Snail mail is three to four weeks. However, do not be hurt by a rejection. Your marketing results are more dependent upon the number of queries you send out than almost any other factor.



Hints for Writers


As an author with over forty years of experience, I often mailed simultaneous submissions to five to seven publishers at one time, if each one was open to simultaneous submissions. The main thing is never give up.


Study the marketplace, especially concerning trends. Call your local bookstore to ask what is currently selling well; sometimes you can ask them for an opinion about what may become a new trend. You might have a special talent in that area or can start researching a topic you already have an interest in.


Also, carefully read the publishers’ entries in marketing books and Internet sources for authors. Learn to match your project with their needs and special instructions.


Whenever you can, be on the lookout for a market for a fellow author, and let them know what you find. Too often, writers forget to help others along the road and live isolated lives. It’s in the giving that love and true satisfaction are found ― loving your work, God, your readers, and others. By writing and publishing works that guide humanity into higher realms that we today can only imagine, we lead ourselves gradually, though sometimes miraculously, into a greater peace and satisfaction than we currently experience or have ever experienced.



Nonfiction and Self-Help


Besides the comments above, create a title page where you give your contact data and the manuscript’s word count.


We at Path would like to know the work’s history, if previously published. We are not opposed to making a previously successful paperback into an e-book. However, you must get permission, probably in writing, from the original publisher so we can without worry publish your book as an e-book.





Path rarely publishes adult fiction.





We have published several poetry books. We publish in a few months, not half a year or years.





We have published several e-books, through Kindle and





We hope we have answered all of your questions about submissions and maybe given you a little more than you expected. Any question not answered, please tell us.


We wish you great success. As we say on the front page of our website, we desire to create a haven for creative people and the spiritually rich.


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