Suicide Prevention ―

A Way Back


By John Schmidt



Letís talk to some straight facts. The spirit of suicide is a demonic force that attacks people who are sad or depressed. Now, everyone in life suffers frustrations, and frustrations increase to disappointments, disappointments to sadness, and sadness can lead to depression. The process is a negative spiral downward. The solution to getting out of the spiral is a boost of positive energy.

If you are having thoughts of suicide, do not put up with them. Demand that they leave your environment. Call on Father God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, to help free you from the negative environment that is around you. With enough consistency and determination, you will be free.

Do not try to go it alone. That is one way Satan attacks you; he wants you to think you are alone, but you are not. Thousands of people in this country work every day in counseling, many of whom are not expensive. In the menu at this website you will see a link to people who you can call if you need prayer. Calling is a good first step. And keep calling them if suicide tries to come back into your mind. Then seek professional counseling ― someone in the phonebook or someone at a church. Call a relative who is sympathetic and understanding. Just get help.

Nothing is impossible for you. Thatís what it says in Matthew 17:20. Get a Bible and read it every day, because satanic words are overcome by the words in the Bible. The book has great power; thatís why it has been around for thousands of years and billions of copies have been printed. Or go to and read the online Bible. Tape Bible verses all over your house if you want to. Just get the Word in your consciousness.

Get involved with a church ― perhaps more than one church. Find people who will like you and be nice to you. You need to be around people who are easy to be around.

Anything can be overcome. The only mistake in life that cannot be undone, or in some way compensated for, is the ending of your own life. You canít come back from that. And please believe me, the situation a person hits after committing suicide is worse than anything he or she could experience in physical life.

Click on the link to read excerpts from my book, Giving to Yourself and Letting Happiness Happen. I believe you will feel better. Then allow yourself the opportunity to live a life of peace and success, as God intended it to be.  


 I give you the authority over serpents and scorpions, and over all power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 10:19